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utorok 28. októbra 2014

That's it, I was just wondering

I was always wondering
why people lie to children.
They try to do the best
just for mouthy sarcastic comment.
And when is something wrong
they just lie.
If you ask them why
they will tell you
for sure
"It's only child, truth would be painful!"
That's how they
excuse their little lies
and destroy lifes of their own
Well, it's also some kind
of injustice
that they lie
but expect truth from their
I sometimes think about
how it would be
if I knew truth much
You know, would I be a
better person?
I don't want to judge your
or my parents.
I was just always wondering
why people lie to children.
Sometimes they want to
make their childhood as nice
as they can
and in many cases it's
childhood which is that
bright dot in our lifes.
But sometimes our self
destruction startes in childhood
as a result of
Because world is different
and we always don't get what
we want or
we always don't meet the
right persons or
we always don't have
smile on our faces,
children think we do have
everything we want,
we do meet only right persons
and we do have smile on our face
because everything is perfect.
Yes, truth would kill them
and probably would ruin
the rest of their lifes.
Unfortunately, reality doesn't
ask questions
and there will be day
when they loose their daydream
and will start to think
about their childhood as criticaly
as me.
As I already wrote,
I don't want to jugde you
or your parents or
whoever who
shaped you.
I was just always wondering
why people lie to children.

2014; Mavis Agony

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