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sobota 10. januára 2015

Mirror asks you

Those eyes were staring at me,
ocean of hatred beneath that
bright green colour.
Soul was lonely, barely seen
beside its broken heart.
High voice screamed and 
shook my body, 
almost like a shiver,
whisper, and I finally understood 
her need to be loved
to find love in herself.
Her eyes were staring at me
and I never saw such a sadness
beneath such a beautiful eyes.

Poor eyes,
they never found love.
Poor green colour,
always bright but never

Sometimes those eyes
stare at me even now,
poor eyes,
without love.

Those eyes hide beautiful world
of high hopes and daydreams
and patient and brightness,
shining colours and
beautiful thoughts and
shallow emptiness,
poor loveless.

They are still
staring at me,
those poor eyes,
without love.

7.1.2015; Mavis Agony

1 komentár:

  1. Those deep, green eyes definitely deserve to be loved.
    Thank you for this amazing poem and I absolutely love your design. It's gorgeous. (If a paradise exists, it surely contains these birds) :-)